LAST UPDATED October 21, 2016



Swingarm Extensions Install

1.The parts you will need to complete the installation:

2.Lift the motorcycle in a suitable fashion with the rear wheel off the ground:

3.Remove the rear wheel assembly and attaching parts:

4.Remove chain adjuster bolts from both sides of the swingarm:

5.Remove screw and plate from the inner left side of the swingarm:

6.Install swing arm extensions into the existing swingarm:

7.Install extension backing plate, apply red Locktite to bolt threads and torque to 25 ft. lbs:

8.Swingarm extensions installed:

9.Notice the machined recess on the inside of the right side swingarm extension. This is where the brake hanger will now be located depending on application:

10.Brake hanger in new location:

11.Re-install the rear wheel assembly, brake hanger and brake caliper:

12.Inspect the clearance between the sidewall of the rear tire and the chain guard. The chain guard may need to be trimmed to provide proper clearance depending on application.

13.Remove master link from old chain:

14.With master link removed, temporarily attach new chain to the upper portion of the old chain. You may use the new master link to do this:

15.Pull on the lower portion of the old chain to feed new chain around the front sprocket. This will make the installation of the new chain much easier:

16.Finish installing new chain and adjust as necessary:

17.Install new rear brake line provided and bleed the rear brake:

18.The installation of the ALL THINGS CHROME  extensions is now complete. Perform a final re-check of all nuts, bolts and installed components. Torque rear axle nut to factory specs. Road test and re-check drive chain for any excessive slack. Adjust as necessary: